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  learning bass guitar and bass guitar lessons
This site dedicated to anyone who has the passion to play music, but have been told they couldn't, or that it is too hard, or maybe even that you are the wrong "gender" or "age" to play a certain type of instrument or music.  It's never too late to start with, and if music is your passion, by all means pursue it! I have an illness called Lupus SLE. Diagnosed in 2004. One of the symptoms is very painful joints in the beginning which has turned into arthritis in my hands and joints.  Learn about Lupus by clicking here I PURSUED LEARNING TO PLAY BASS BECAUSE OF THE LUPUS diagnosis.  I loved music, loved hearing the bass guitar and decided before it became impossible to use my hands I'd learn to play.  I'm still playing today, painfully, but it's great exercise both physically and mentally.  I REFUSE to listen to the negativity of fellow musicians who have told me my technique is wrong, or I won't be able to learn without proper lessons, etc. I have always felt that if you have a passion for something, and feel it's attainable, then DO IT. I learned to play bass guitar strictly by watching YouTube videos and visiting bass sites.  Once I got the basics down like how to plug the thing in!!! I was able to get help from friends who play music and would help me learn notes, chords, etc.  Soon I joined their band and the rest has been an exciting journey.  I don't take myself too seriously and I play music for ME. I listen to the "experts" and take the good information and let the negative stuff go through the other ear and out.

This is my personal account of a my journey to learn to play Bass Guitar. My name is Susie and in December of 2006 I picked up a bass, plugged it into a small amp, and began the journey to learn to play "serious" music. However, I dropped the serious part and decided to have fun and enjoy myself. I was surrounded by musicians where I lived.  I wanted to learn to play but was not really encouraged to do so. I had this dream of learning guitar for fun, specifically electric bass. There was this strange stigma attached to a newbie wanting to learn the bass, and to a female who thinks she can play a bass, much less rock, blues, pop, metal! I got plenty of negative comments, I've had people make fun of me, say all sorts of negative stuff.  But all comments were the catalyst that kept me going.  This site has my journal of the ups and downs of learning by myself to play the bass.  Where I find great support, good online lessons, and a community of musicians without inflated egos, that play for the love of music...Read on! You can watch and hear me play bass at my LISTEN page. If anything, I hope this site inspires you to pick up music or whatever you have a passion for & try it. You don't have to have an illness to follow a passion, you just have to want it bad enough no matter what your circumstances are. Oh, and to you who make the negative comments, your comments get deleted before I read on any further than the first negative, rude remark.

Thank you for visiting and please check back as I add more links and everything to do with loving music.  I would love to hear your stories of how you began your passion as well. Please feel free to drop me a line or comment by clicking here....or Sign my Guestbook.


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