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  learning bass guitar and bass guitar lessons
This is my personal account of a my journey to learn to play Bass Guitar. My name is Susie and in December of 2006 I picked up a bass, plugged it into a small amp, and began the journey to learn to play "serious" music. However, I dropped the serious part and decided to have fun and enjoy myself. I dedicate this site to anyone who has the passion to play music, but have been told they couldn't. That it would be too hard, that maybe even they're the wrong "gender" or "age" to play a certain type of instrument or just play music in general.  It's never too late to start, and if music is your passion, by all means pursue it!
I have an illness called Lupus SLE which I was diagnosed with in 2004. One of the symptoms is very painful joints in my hands which would be progressively getting worse. My fingers had already begun to lock up on me in painful spasms, I knew I needed to exercise them to keep mobility.  You can learn more about Lupus by clicking here My goal and pursuit of learning bass was born out of my love of music. Music that could be heard throughout my house as a child. My dad cranked up the country music station on their little radio. There was a time when the neighbors and our family would get together on Saturday nights for inpromptu jam sessions on the front porch! Yes, everyone had some kind of instrument and our neighbors happened to be excellent, natural musicians from the deep south where "fiddles," banjos, guitars, drums and anything us kids could grab that made noise helped to round out the old country tunes by Hank Williams, Sons of the Pioneers, and the many great Grand Ole Opry stars of their decade come alive on those evenings. It's now 2018 and I'm still playing today.
During the process I found that this would be harder than I thought and would require adapting my playing style to fit what my increasing pain was interfering with, my ability to hold, play bass and keep timing. In doing so, my playing style is pretty unorthodox and garnered many comments informing me my technic, timing, and overall bass theory was sadly lacking and so wrong. However, what people didn't understand was I wasn't playing a bass to be able to join a band, to gain accolades or praise, it was to adapt a style I could use that allowed me to reach goals I'd set and to record that journey to share. If I could learn to play the music I loved, and just one person stumbled across my videos who had wanted to try new things, reach new goals, but their situation, illness, or circumstance caused intimdation, they may possibly learn from my journey that it didn't matter what my technique looked like, or that my timing was off, my tuning was bad, what mattered then and still does today, I set out to try and learned to put myself out there as an example of learning new things, trying to work towards passions once thought unattainable and especially now, with a diagnosis that definately made even thinking that pursuit would ever be an option, that the pursuit is ALWAYS worth the try and possibly even attainable!



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